Luke Roberts

iOS Swift Developer

Hi, I’m Luke and I’m an iOS Swift Developer. I’m currently
doing a degree apprenticeship, working full time as an iOS developer
and also studying at the University of Suffolk.

My Work

Science Makes Sense

Science Makes Sense features hundreds of multiple-choice questions written by specialist science teachers. The app was written purely in SwiftUI

Technologies: SwiftUI, Combine, StoreKit, Push Notifications


I was the sole developer for Collab as it was made as part of my A-level coursework. Collab is a social media app used for finding teams of people to work on side projects. Its features include: creating posts, realtime messaging and a responsive search system.

Technologies: Swift, Programmatic UI, Firebase Database and Storage.


I created task as I was unhappy with so many complex to do list apps on the app store. Task is a simple and minimal to do list and reminder app. You can create multiple lists and it supports notifications and a changeable app theme.

Technologies: Swift, Programmatic UI, Core Data, In-App Purchases, Push Notifications

MNML Weather

MNML Weather was the product of a two person team. We used the OpenWeatherMap API to fetch weather data for the user’s current location, the app shows the forecast for the rest of the day and also the whole week.

Technologies: Swift, Programmatic UI, Core Location, Alamofire, OpenWeatherMap API

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