MNML Weather


MNML Weather was a product of a two person team. We both collaborated and worked on the same things, utilising pair programming. The app is a clean and minimal weather application which shows you the weather forecast for your current location. The now view shows a detailed weather report which includes humidity, pressure and windspeed. The bottom half of the screen consists of two pages that can be swiped through, each showing future weather forecasts, for either the rest of the day or the week ahead.

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Now View

The now view provides detailed weather information including humidity and pressure

Weekly View

The weekly view shows the average forecast for the coming week

Today View

The today view shows the forecast for the day in 3-hour intervals

Dark Theme

MNML Weather has a dark theme that it automatically switches to in the evening


Core Location

Core location is used to deliver accurate weather reports


The app utilises Alamofire to handle all networking requests

OpenWeatherMap API

The OpenWeatherMap API is used to fetch the forecast